The KP4000 wall mounted Touch panel

On its own, the KP-4000 will be able to control and receive feedback from IP-communicating devices such as IP-communicating media servers and cameras. But wait there’s more.

This Device can control everything in AV system including giving you access to your entire music library control of both lighting and HVAC with the proper accessories all in a very affordable package.


WiFi Speed Brings Cover Art, Artist, Album and Titles to the Touch Screen!


Introducing you personal music server from Universal remote


The Ultimate in Reliability, Flexibility and Power



The MX-900 is our least expensive way of simplifying and automating operation of your Audio Video system.

Because of its virtually unlimited memory, up to 40 devices can be operated by this powerful remote. Because it comes with a Radio Frequency receiver it can operate equipment hidden in cabinets up to 100 feet away.

The device starts at 599.00 including the RF hub. for 4 devices.

Programming and touch panel design are two operations and of course are additional.


The Lutron House Radio Ra keypad allows you to preset a light level in three ways. One tap and it turns on the preset light level. Tap it again and it turns off. Two taps and it goes full bright. The Radio Ra Grafic Eye or the Lutron Master Bedroom control will also talk to it and turn it on to the light level that is programmed into it. It looks much better than a plain old light switch and gives you light for any mood. Very Cool