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We bring music to your life through crystal-clear whole home audio. So what does that really mean for you? We have systems starting at only $500.00 plus speakers and your iPod. But you can upgrade that and then you can listen to anything, and we do mean anything, in any area of your home, all while anyone else in your home listens to anything they want. We can do up to 18 different zones and 108 rooms. Your music is always there, right at the press of a button. It’s a powerful, personalized way to enjoy your music.

Nuvo Music HouseIf your goal is to play music and you are an iPhone or Apple user, then Apple TV is for you.

This is our entry level music system


A lot of entertainment. In a very little box.

With Apple TV, everything you want to watch movies, TV shows, photo slideshows, and more plays wirelessly on your widescreen TV. No managing storage. No syncing to your iTunes library. HD movies and TV shows from iTunes and Netflix play over the Internet on your HDTV, and music and photos stream from your computer. All you have to do is click and watch.

With iCloud, you can browse and watch your purchased TV shows and listen to your previously purchased music.1 And with Photo Stream, your photos update automatically no syncing, no sending.

Apple TV Music Apple TV features a powerful A4 chip, so it plays everything effortlessly, without frozen screens or stutters. Videos look crisp and clear. And just like watching a DVD, you can fast-forward through opening credits, pause for a popcorn break, or replay a hilarious scene until you memorize every line.

Apple TV is quiet, energy efficient, and so small it fits in the palm of your hand. Which makes it perfect for sitting neatly on a TV stand or squeezing into a crowded media cabinet. And when it’s not filling your living room with drama, romance, and comedy, it uses less power than a night-light.

The ultimate music and movie solution!

The DMS-AV delivers crystal clear audio and video to your home theater or entertainment room. Incorporating 7.2 surround sound, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and URCs proprietary multichannel stereo and surround modes, this beauty delivers uncompromising audio to your theater experience with stellar detail and clarity. With the latest A/V processing, we give you true video scaling up to 1080p with musical performance to match. Add realism and incredible power to all your movies and music with the DMS-AV. It will literally move you and your guests every time you turn it on.

By combining the DMS-AV with URCs Total Control or Complete Control system, you gain a level of sophistication and ease-of-use thats unparalleled. From simple remotes to brilliant touchscreen controls, or even your iPad it takes just one touch to dim the lights and start the latest movie right on cue. And, the DMS-AV connects to your home network, so with Total Control, you can expand your theater into the whole house! Every audio product in the theater can now be shared.

Imagine taking an older CD player or turntable and streaming music from it into other rooms and, being able to control song choice and volume from anywhere.

URCs DMS-AV is based upon this legacy and adds pristine sound and picture quality. Our expertise gives you the most flexible Home Theater Amp / Processor on the market that is capable of growing with your family as your needs change. When other URC DMS products are added, you can enjoy up to 44 audio inputs! So sit back, relax and let our DMS-AV transport you to the theater or concert, with the best in whole-house integration and control.

Access your favorite tunes from any music device anywhere in your home.

The DMS-1200 Multi-Zone Network Amplifier provides you with high powered crystal clear audio from your music source of choice. Installed as a standalone central amplifier, you get coverage for up to 8 individual zones at a very attractive price.

Break out the old 8-trak or record player with four (4) analog-to-digital inputs that enable you to plug in any combination of legacy analog sources with standard audio cables.

Infuse your streaming music subscription services and Internet radio into a DMS-1200 multi-zone system by adding the URC SNP-2 streaming network player. Stream Rhapsody, Pandora, Sirius/XM and Internet radio to the pool area independently without interfering with Dads smooth Jazz playlist in the family room.

iPhone aficionados, your installer can configure a URC PSX-2 personal music server to broadcast your tunes to any zone, great for spontaneous party playlists. With their iPhones or iPods, youre guests can play DJ too!

Need more music in more places? The system is expandable up to 32 zones. For each additional zone of audio desired, your installer will recommend adding one DMS-100 supplementary single zone amplifier. The inputs on the DMS-1200 or DMS-100 can stream audio to other DMS amps over the home network using one Ethernet cable connected to the network. This eliminates the expense of retrofitting additional speaker wires from the main equipment location and makes the entire whole house audio system fully customizable by you. Listen to music anywhere, from the shower to the patio; your imagination is the limit.

With the DMS-1200, only the price is squashed, not the audio. Universal Remote Control has implemented ground-breaking network streaming media capabilities using lossless data compression technology. This means youll listen to CD quality audio thats not compressed and noisy, your neighbors will envy the sound quality of your system in comparison to other multi-zone audio systems currently on the market.

Future-proof your whole house audio system. Add the DMS-1200 scalable multi-zone network amplifier and rest assured that your system will never have a limit on the number of music sources that can be added.

The ultimate personal music gateway; hear your music, your way!

The SNP-2 streaming network player merges all your music sources into one simple interface. Gain instant access to many streaming music services like Pandora, Rhapsody, Sirius/XM and thousands of internet radio stations. Search for your favorite tracks while monitoring your playlists on your video display, all through a colorful graphic user interface.

The SNP-2 installs best with DMS-1200 or DMS-100 amplifiers since they incorporate Universal Remote Controls superior media streaming capabilities. Flawless CD quality streams can be routed to various locations in one whole-house system leaving configuration options very open. Mom can stream Pandora in the kitchen from her iPod thats docked in the basement while dad can send traffic reports to the shower before the morning commute via streaming internet radio, all at the same time.

And since you can stream multiple music sources simultaneously and independent of each other, your installer will usually outfit each member of the house with their own SNP-1. The experience is enhanced when each user can access their own personalized music source at any given time.

The SNP-2 also features one digital audio output and a set of analog outputs so it can be sold as a standalone music source with other brand systems. Your personalized music experience awaits, have your music any way you want it with the SNP-1.

Something in the middle?

Then we offer Nuvo. This is a 6 zone system with full color touchpanels. It is ideal for playing music from your iTunes library and browsing your playlists or just playing songs. It also has a built in AM/FM radio tuner and an input from your Satellite Box so you can follow the big game or just listen to satellite music. Amazing performance for modest costs.

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